Why I choose Canva for Business

by | Jun 8, 2022 | Digital Marketing

Why I choose Canva for Business

by | Jun 8, 2022

Design. Doesn’t matter if it is digital, graphic or for a website, design has always been a field left for the professional creatives who have spent a lot of time and money studying the art and mastering their skills. As it should be.
But then Canva came along and gave “everyone” the power to become a designer. Canva is incredibly easy to use with templates and a ‘drag and drop’ platform which means you don’t need to be a designer to be a designer.

Canva launched in 2013 as a design and publishing tool with a mission to empower everyone to design anything and publish anywhere. They have become widely recognized as a platform used by many business owners and students to create beautiful designs for digital and physical print.

Although my first ever flyer created was in 1999 using cutouts and a copier, I really started designing as a hobby in 2009, using mostly PhotoShop and Illustrator creating menus, flyers, posters. I really enjoy creating something that stands out and grabs someone’s attention, but I always found the number of tools and techniques need with Photoshop products to be confusing and complex. While I still use Illustrator from time to time, I have found myself using Canva on a more regular basis.

Here are my reason for using Canva:

  • It’s FREE (with restricted use)
  • Set up an account with your client’s email
  • Set up a branding kit using company colours and logo
  • Upload your own images from your device, available to everyone online
  • Stock images and videos available (with Pro version)
  • Remove background (great for E-commerce)

If you would like to know more about Canva (or how to use it) feel free to contact me for a 1-to-1 tutorial.


Click here to few more about Canva 

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